At Malsic, we turn ideas into reality.

Our Services


Why Choose Us?

We are able to provide rapid- prototyping and turn-key project.

We have in-house R&D team to assist you throughout the project.

We know how people love customization. Most of our products are produced locally. OEM is possible.

We can provide both hardware/software and also the integration of the system to retro-fit your current system.

Our Skills

Customized Software

We can provide customized software design and applications based on .Net, PHP, Android Aps and iOS. Contact us for more details.

Customized Hardware Design & Integration

We are able to develop customized hardware  and PCB  circuit board done by our in-house hardware engineering team.

Fast Time To Marker

Be it sofware or hardware, we provide shorter turn around from the designing to the first prototype. This is made possible by make use of our own R&D lab which occupies 3D Printer, PCB router, and SMD eletronics parts pick and place machine.